Community Garden

Welcome to the future of Virtual Reality. A living, breathing world that exists even when you aren’t there. Meet with people from around the world and come together to make a thriving garden. Make your mark and help build the VR community of the future.

  • Status: Alpha
  • Type: Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Spatialize voice with lip syncing to make your converstations with other people feel real.
  • Become a green thumb. Pull weeds, water your plants, protect from disease, harvest and plant more.
  • Sell harvested crops for in-game currency. Use it to buy things for your avatar or the garden.
  • Play games like checkers, chess and bocce ball.
  • One world. No sharding or fragmenting. Possible with SpatialOS.

In Space, No One Can Hear You Dance

  • Status: Released
  • Type: Virtual Reality (VR)

Your mission, which you have no choice to except, is to explore our galaxy for a new home for the inhabitants of earth. Money was a bit tight with the impending extinction of the human race so your ship may be missing a few things. Ok really just one thing, the fuel tanks. I hope you’re a good dancer because your ship has the lastest in dance-to-energy© technology. So the mission is simple, dance to the prompts on the screen and you will get enough energy to make it to the next planet. Mess up and you will drift thought space for all eternity. Good Luck!

Wordsum Blitz

  • Status: Released
  • Type: Mobile, PC

The next evolution in the Wordsum series. Wordsum Blitz strips down Wordsum to the core. You play for high scores by spelling words and clearing the game board. As your score gets higher, the game gets faster. Like Tetris but with words. Compete against your friends or other people on leaderboards for the right to be the Wordsum Blitz master.


  • Status: Released
  • Type: Mobile

Wordsum takes the idea of Blocksum and asks the question “What if it used words and not numbers?” The result is something like Tetris and something like Scrabble.

Project Defender

  • Status: Released
  • Type: PC

Your company landed a lucrative contract with the government. Everyone on your team is happy because lucrative contracts mean years of job security . All seems well but then the dreaded Project Manager appears to threaten everything. However, the wasteful spending and scope creep of the dreaded Project Manager threatens your job security. Defend your project’s funding!