VR Space Dancing

Virtual reality has intrigued me since Oculus Rift made it a reality for general consumers. After trying it I wanted to see what I could do with the tech. When the Leap Motion 3D Jam was announced I thought it was a great chance. The result of my efforts is my newest VR game “In space, no one can hear you dance”. The goal of In Space is simple, you are on a spaceship and you are trying to get home to earth. Your warp drive is drained of power and dancing is the only way to refuel it. I had gone through a lot of different ideas to get to this one and I had my doubts about how I was progressing 

I decided to bring my game to the GDAT Meetup in San Francisco to see what people thought. The results was great. I got to see people try my game out and have fun. 

I was really struggling before coming to the meetup. I didn’t really know if what I had was fun or if the idea was even worth pursuing. Seeing people I didn’t know having a blast playing my early prototype gave me a renewed sense of direction.

The feedback I got helped me figure out what I should focus next. I’m very fortunate to live in a city that has these events available to indie developers. Everyone should take the time to attend events like this and let their local indie devs know they are wanted.