Wordsum Blitz, Full Steam Ahead

After finishing Wordsum I took a trip into the work of VR with In Space, No One Can Hear You Dance. During this detour, I never quite stopped playing around with the design of Wordsum. The game was fun but I felt like I had strayed away from the main point of the game. I removed everything but the core gameplay and made it score based. The result was a game that was even more addicting with endless replay value. Wordsum Blitz was born. 

With the gameplay fixed I turned my attention to the art. The art for the original Wordsum was fine but it wasn’t original and lacked something. Lucky for me, I know a talented artist. Jennifer Reyes joined the team (ok a bit of an over statement since it was just me) and crafted this beautiful mockup.

This is just a mock up but I have already started integrating this into the game. I will post more updates once there is a working demo.